Thursday, May 10, 2018


A few weeks ago we went for a walk around our beautiful Hudson Valley neighborhood and were a bit surprised when we came across a small piece of land that had been denuded of its lovely trees and replaced with four semi-trailers. If the neighbors complained about my lovely little vintage trailer in our driveway,  I protested, what on earth would they say about this? Ready to defend our new trailer-neighbors, I headed home with a tiny grin on a my face.  A few days later, after hours of furniture shopping with a whining client, I was shocked to see the trailers missing and in their place a two-story house. A few days more and that little house was covered in beautiful shingles. Today that little house, brought into the hood on four semi trailers, is now on the market for just under a million dollars. Of course I researched pre-fab houses and discovered many companies scattered across the country. This particular model was a whopping $50,000! Now I'm not sure how much those cedar shingles cost (actually, if you went back ten years on this blog you'll see I know exactly how much they cost because we covered our addition in them in California). My point is not to squawk at my sticker shock, hey, if they can get that price GOOD FOR THEM, but it brings a thousand ideas to mind about weekend homes, AFFORDABLE weekend homes, the quality of certain things today (while I adore my vintage camper because of its simplicity and overall cuteness, new campers are pieces of JUNK). On the contrary, I was under the impression that pre-fab meant all-gross, not the case here!