Wednesday, September 27, 2017


After the much anticipated launch of the mid-century inspired line at Target, I decided to give the pieces a little test run.  Quite honestly, at least in my area, it felt like a huge build up to an event where no one showed up. Actually, I'd say it felt more like the election of 2016, but that would sound far too dramatic. Because I love Target for so many things...I loved the Orla Keily line of melamine dishes several years ago, I love the lamps and other textiles, I'm crazy about the seasonal decor, and while the Nate Berkus line (In my opinion) is blah and over-priced, I appreciated the unique designs and total anti-walmart taste level of it all. 62, however, left me feeling like they rushed to put the product out and forgot where to put it. It felt like Santa left the presents under a JULY. Like poor Tom never catching Jerry, just coming ohhhh so close; something was off about the whole collection and display. At the end of the day I think they missed the mark just a tad with execution, but the product wasn't half bad: a cool leather-like mid-century chair was well priced at $125, dining room table and chairs with a bench for under $500 total wasn't terrible, but while I hate to cheat on one of my favorite stomps, I'm going to head back to other less expensive retail stores like World Market and Ikea for my mid-century fix until Target gets it together!