Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Why is it that every time I turn on my computer or cell phone it asks if I want it to perform a software update? On the rare occasion I click, "perform update now" by the time it's finished updating it's time to do it again! Or maybe I'm just another victim of the culture of today; the, I MUST HAVE IT NOW bunch, whatever "it" is at the moment. Have we really become that impatient? Maybe you're wondering right now, as you sip your whatever, WHAT IS HIS POINT? WHAT ON EARTH DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH DESIGN? Well, calm yourself down. I'm getting to my point. I've had the good fortune in my career to work for a mixed bag of clients; those who just want it done now, no matter the budget vs. those that task me with finding the least expensive light bulb for the cheapest lamp I've ever purchased. There are both good and bad in each side of the design spectrum, and last week I had the pleasure of working with clients who were fairly hands-off. In a relatively new country home they wanted a look that blended old and new yet looked fresh and inviting. The hook: they gave me one week to fill an entire house (which means no ordering furniture with long lead times, no building special pieces, no moving walls, etc.). While the clients are incredibly patient, their time frame is not, so I hit the ground running in every direction. With a bland backdrop of neutral colors in the house, the owners (from Miami) asked that I add pops of "Floridian flare" throughout...flamingos and yellow Cadillacs?? Nope, pops of aqua, orange, and yellows. In the northeast, our outdoor living pieces must endure humidity, passing summer thunderstorms and harsh winters. One thing I love to do is take flea market finds to the local auto body store and have them sprayed with high-gloss auto paint. Not only does the finish look incredible, it will withstand just about anything a tough guest (or storm) has in store! Traditional Adirondack chairs I've sprayed in high gloss navy blue. 1960's outdoor dining sets I've painted bright red. A dear friend of ours turned an otherwise unattractive side piece into a high gloss pink bar in her living room. For a touch of Floridan flare, I took a traditional farmhouse table to the local auto body painter and had them spray it turquoise and paired with more modern metal chairs. If you want a piece to pop and not crack, don't waste your time (and money) on thousands of spray cans, head over to your local auto body shop and let them perform magic. Prices obviously vary, but I've found that smaller town shops tend to be pretty reasonable (dining table was sprayed for $150)!