Monday, August 14, 2017


I'm in the middle of a (somewhat) tedious renovation project with a client and had to share a story from our adventures today. Our mission this morning was to set out and focus on items for three bathrooms. Because I know this lovely lady is about as distracted as a politician in a strip club, I decided we would only focus on SINKS. My feelings on sinks: they're SINKS for Christ sake, choose it and move on! A kitchen sink is one thing, but fussing over a bathroom sink, at least in this designers humble opinion, is a foolish waste on many levels. Have you ever walked into an overdone bathroom and thought, why'd they waste their money on this? Yeah, so have I! My client today was absolutely determined to find the vessel sink of her dreams for her master bath. As hard as I tried, I couldn't convince her to stray away. My issue with vessel (or counter-mounted) sinks is in the functionality; they are next to impossible to use. As luck would have it we popped into a restaurant in the middle of our search and they had vessel sinks in the restrooms...plopped ontop of be-glittered, be-dazzled countertops in an already overdone bathroom. So, I asked her to go in and attempt to USE it. Try washing your face, picture brushing your teeth (sans the smell of public restroom loveliness). In short, they're hard to maneuver around! After test-driving the sinks in the restaurant we headed out in search of the perfect oval undermount sink for her master bath!