Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Clearly I've been a bit lazy in the posting department, my apologies. Work has been nuts as the summer heats up and clients want to attack projects, and when the weekend rolls around we've been inundated with house guests. Don't get me wrong, I love entertaining, but it leaves very little time for posting witty, innovative TIPS. Several guests made comments about how I actually DO practice what I preach at home (yes, I do use my tips whenever I can). Last weekend one of our guests, and dear friends, introduced me to my new favorite gift website, I LOVE maps and have several framed in our home, including a vintage school map on a spool hanging in our hallway. At uncommon goods you can personalize many gift items..from serving trays and throw pillows, to cocktail napkins and coasters. Our guest gave us coasters with our neighborhood on it and was able to personalize with our address and name of our home (a * indicates exactly where our home is on the vintage-feel map). Ms. Manners once said it is incredibly rude to search for the price of a gift, but because I plan on using this one for host/hostess gifts, I had to do my research. Custom maps with your neighborhood and town take a few weeks to fulfill and cost around $65 for trays, plates, coasters, etc. Next time you're staying with friends, leave a lasting impression with a cool gift!