Wednesday, March 15, 2017


If I can offer any advice to someone attacking a home renovation project of any size it is to PREPARE and BE CALM! Renovations are dirty, they're loud, they cost a lot of money and just like a relationship, sometimes you want to drop it and run away in the middle...but DON'T!  We are day one into a four-bath remodel and my friend is about to lose her marbles. Because she is living in the house during renovations, I told her to do three baths completely in phase 1 (leaving the fourth to use during construction), then loop back around and finish the fourth last. Impatient Patty we will call her, went behind my back and told the plumber to gut everything at once. Hummm. Not a great idea unless she has a composting toilet or lovely hotel nearby. So, here we are. The top photo is her tiny master bath which shares a wall with the main floor bath. Like an old Hollywood dame, this house has evidence of a few nips and tucks, one of which was the hall bath where the previous owner removed a tub/shower combo and replaced it with an enormous jacuzzi bathtub. At first glance I noticed an opportunity to push into the guest bath a few feet to allow the master to breath a bit, while not jeopardizing space in either one. My lovely friend couldn't picture my vision until the walls were gone, so now she's getting she taps her heel and demands the men work faster and harder. While I make her a cocktail to calm her nerves, if you're planning a project at home, log onto the APP store on your iPad or computer and download HOME DESIGN 3D. Well worth the $10!