Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Our President and his team seem to love using the word "robust" as much as I adore "repurpose," so guess what I'm doing today? Yup, you guessed it, I'm REPURPOSING. Because we've repealed and replaced our old coffee tables, I started a campaign to find better solutions. I love unique people and I love unique pieces, so it's only fitting that my friend Mackenzie (a pro at finding totally cool things) tracked down an awesome vintage storage bucket for me to use as a cocktail table. Last year I found a cool one in a consignment store in upstate New York for $10, so when I wanted more I reached out to Mackenzie, who tracked this one-of-a-kind bucket down in Connecticut. The house majority leader (Joe) loves it, so that's all that matters. While I won't try to swing your vote about blah coffee tables, I will attempt to sway you into thinking outside the boring design box and into something new, creative and unique!