Monday, January 23, 2017


While I would suggest our new President lay off the bronzer, accessorizing with Bronze is IN! In fact it's popping up everywhere, from fashion to interiors, lamps to end tables, the new shades are quickly becoming designer gold! My only fear about diving head first into a trend, is when it fades away often your love of it does too! Wallpaper was hot in the seventies but not in the eighties. White appliances were in during the nineties and way out by 2000. All of the aforementioned, by the way, are back in style, so just like the shift in political parties, trends might go away and when you least expect they're baaaaackkkk!  Most of us, however, don't want to ride the wave of those off-trend years, which is why many of my "hard core" design elements (floor and wall tile, cabinets and countertops, etc.) are pretty evergreen. White subway tile, for example, will always be classic...a client a few years ago fought and fought for lime green tile in her 2,000 square foot kitchen. I suggested, if she loved lime green, go neutral on the tile and paint the walls a lime green. She opted for the lime tiles, and while she initially loved it, a few years later she spent thousands of dollars to change everything to white. My point? If you love something trendy, SMALL DOSES! This grey kitchen with white subway tiles is an excellent example of that. The bronze faucet, drawer pulls and shelves are all bronze and can be changed down the road fairly easily and inexpensively. In the meantime, they create the dramatic pop needed in this space.
FEW TIPS OF THE TRADE: the simple canisters are from Target, white plates from the Williams Sonoma outlet and oversized lights are from Ikea. The bronze faucet was purchased at Lowe's for $110!