Wednesday, November 30, 2016


If you're telling me a long story without pictures or puppets, forget it, chances are I'm not paying attention. Sorry, but it's the way I've operated for a very long time...tell me how to change a tire, and I retain nothing. Show me a picture, and I'll probably get it! I've mentioned several different ways to choose the perfect paint color and will be the first to admit I still haven't found the best option (I've now painted our family room three different colors and haven't found the right color me the Goldilocks of designers). I'm a big proponent of painting large swatches on a wall and watching how the light plays with it throughout the day.  I also like buying quart-sized options and painting an entire wall (as evident in my own home), but to get things started with clients I've now turned to another wonderful tool (I mentioned this a few months ago but didn't include the visual, so here you go). Benjamin Moore (and others) offer free downloadable apps OR have tools on their websites where you can download an image of your room then add any color to the walls to get a better idea of what the space will look like. While I love this tool, I stand by my real life testing. Sun, shade, weather all play into how that color will REALLY translate to your space, so while the Benjamin Moore test certainly helps, there's nothing like seeing it in real life to learn what's best for you!