Monday, November 21, 2016


I received several emails asking for more details on the curtain rod I created using plumbers pipe, so here you go. Please note TWO things: I acknowledge that many times I leave out some details because I assume everyone is as attention deficit as I am and will start fantasizing about ice cream and summer vacations if I deep dive, so my apologies. SECOND, these images are horrible because after removing the previous owners monstrosity of a curtain system, it left scars worse than a teenagers skin. I wanted to get these up asap to make sure they worked before patching the wall and making it look lovely. So no nasty emails about my attention to detail (or lack thereof). ANYWHOOO..few simple things here:
1.) Plumbers pipes come in black, copper and this more rustic silver.
2.) Because we were trying to cover a window of slightly wider than 14', we needed a middle brace.
3.) This system included brackets attached to the wall at each end and one in the middle (these MUST go into studs or use anchors because pipes are quite heavy). Two corner bends for each end with threaded connectors and a "T" in the middle with a threaded connector (which links it to the wall mount)
4.) If you have NO CLUE what I'm talking about above, ask the guys in Lowe's or Home Depot and tell them exactly what you're doing. It's far easier than you'd think and MUCH cheaper than curtains!