Wednesday, October 26, 2016


What I'm about to say will blow you away. You ready for it? Sometimes the experts are WRONG. Of course I'm not referring to THIS expert, rather to all of the pontificators out there who deliver opinions on everything from the weather to what President we will have. Last week much of the west coast was put on high earthquake alert after a few tumblers rolled through the area. As someone who grew up in Southern California, I remember after every earthquake the news would cut to a lovely "doctor" at CalTech University who would say, "no, this has not relived pressure from THE BIG ONE we might get any day." Imagine how calm this hysterical person was growing up in earthquake country! Last year I heard weather "experts" predict the northeast was going to have rough winter, some predicted a dry one while the good old Farmers Almanac said things would remain the same. How was it in the end? Pretty darn mild (much to my disappointment). One thing I know FOR SURE (and have discussed many times) is the best time to make big purchases is when the item is out of season. Need a snow blower? Buy it in the spring. Lawn Mower? Purchase that puppy in the fall. Depending where you are in the country, outdoor pieces tend to go on sale between mid-August and September, where retail giants like Lowe's and Home Depot mark them down up to 75% off. Act quickly, though, as the sales tend to last only a few days (especially today when we roll right into the holidays by summers end). I purchased the set above for a client at a whopping 80% savings because I asked them to be patient and trust me. If you aren't in the market for outdoor pieces, most retailers also sell all sunbrella throw pillows which easily transition indoors. If you have pets or hang around with people who act like animals, these are easy to clean and great things to snatch up when they're on sale (pillows shown sold in the high season for $45/each but I grabbed them for $11.25!! A deal like that will brighten any ones day!