Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I often say the curse of Attention Deficit Disorder is far from that, in fact, while some assume one with ADD can't focus on any ONE thing, many of us can focus on several tasks AT ONCE. Take last night, for example, as I headed into our YET TO BE COMPLETED pantry to grab a quick snack for dinner, I looked down and was horrified by the hideous linoleum floors we put so far down on the list of projects I knew we wouldn't get to it until next summer. CUT TO an hour later and I'm in line at the Home Depot checkout (needless to say dinner didn't happen). For less than $10 and in under an hour I changed the floors from vile to pretty cool (at least for awhile). The countertops in our kitchen look like concrete and our entry has concrete-type tiles, so these peel-and-stick versions seemed to blend nicely with everything else in our design plan. A few hours later and, in my opinion, the results were well worth it. Now, what to have for dinner...
1.) I wouldn't use this on a bigger scale as they've already scratched a bit when dragging a drawer unit with spices across it gently. If, however, this appeals to you more than porcelain or other solid surfaces, consider a higher quality vinyl (still major cost savings to solids)
2.) They are easy to break, so cut with care and grab a few more just in case.
3.) Because we won't be getting to renovating our guest bathroom until next year, I might consider these if we have guests over the holiday just to get a cleaner look on the floors without moving the toilet, vanity, etc. as we would if installing real tile.
4.) FOR THE MONEY AND QUICK CHANGE, you can't beat it.
With a list of projects longer than Santa's list of bad children, I knew the pantry would fall close to last (pantry was once a closet in our living room used as coat closet then bar and is now part of our newly renovated kitchen). Because I wanted it up and running for the busy cooking of the holidays, I decided to make do with what we have (the bigger plan is simply to add a few more shelves and stepped shelving units for spices, etc.). In the meantime, my floor project turned into priming and painting the whole closet, so instead of ONE hour it took me FOUR.