Saturday, July 9, 2016


Have you ever found yourself at a party or friendly gathering where you're involved in a deep conversation, when someone suddenly inserts themselves, throwing the rhythm off? Take that annoying party-goer and replace them with renovation projects as we head back to my lovely friend in the Connecticut countryside, where I opened my big mouth and suggested she remove an 18' span of wall to create a more open, modern vibe. Of course it's totally doable, but we needed the assistance of professionals, so I called on my contractor to bring in a heavy duty beam. That wasn't the problem. Like the previously mentioned annoying inserter of unwanted opinions at a party, my contractor told us we also needed to put a new lolly column in the basement directly underneath where the wall was removed upstairs for additional support. The issue (at least in my crazy mind), the beautifully finished basement will now have an unwanted, ugly visitor in the form of a concrete, round beam. SOLUTION: Instead of being nasty to that intruder, EMBRACE IT!  So, I'm planning on doing one of two things, either painting it a fun color in a tone completely opposite from anything in the room (trying to make it blend will only make us look like we're trying to hide an obvious blemish) OR wrapping it in burlap rope. Because it's close to the entry of the basement I can't build a square column or bar table around it (something I've done in other basements). SO, I've chosen a few colors and have my string and am ready for action. Stay tuned for more PROGRESS pictures from Connecticut!