Thursday, June 30, 2016


As my Connecticut friend comes around the bend of frustrated and panic-stricken with her renovation, I decided to take her on a little field trip to show her another project I just completed to make her feel better about what lies ahead. While a very different style than hers, these clients wanted to say goodbye to their 80's formica kitchen and hello to something more modern. When deep in a renovation (or project of any kind, for that matter) it's often a good practice to step back, take a break and gain perspective before diving back in. While the budget of these clients far exceeds hers, there are simple things we can take from it; she loved the floors, for example (a 24" square concrete tile), but at $10/square foot it was a bit out of her reach, so I took her to the Home Depot where I found a similar tile for $2.50/square foot. I showed her the pop up outlets we installed in the island and just the general layout to give her a good idea of where her renovation is headed. Once we left the place she was excited to get back to hers and pound pavement!