Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I'll never forget walking into the first gym I ever joined in West Hollywood, California about twenty five pounds (lighter) ago. Intimidation, YEAH. One thing that struck me as funny with this ultra hip, non-judgmental gym (or so it advertised) were the frosted glass, see-through walls of the men and women's bathrooms that faced the main lobby. When walking in to check in it was easy to see the outline of figures showering. First thought; "why the hell shower at the gym, unless you're just THAT into yourself?" Second thought: it was actually kind of cool. Year's later I've used this little trick to brighten up darker homes and make them look more modern, by switching out nasty old hollow-core doors for frosted glass. Fear not, you can NOT see anything through the glass but light. At about $150/each it's a great, inexpensive way to quickly modernize a space. Now go on and show off your good side!