Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Well spring has finally sprung in the northeast, as have my wretched allergies, and with the late arrival of this lovely season, so is my spring cleaning...LATE. I often try out as many cleaning products as I can, use them for multiple projects then share the ideas if they truly work. For example, I LOVE a magic eraser but have warned that you need to be careful what surfaces you clean. If you attempt to wipe off flat painted surfaces, the paint will come right off..high gloss, no problem. The one unexpected use I discovered was helping scratches magically disappear. I once leased a luxury sedan and when it was time to turn the lease in there were minor scratches I was worried I'd get charged for. I whipped out my magic eraser, and WHAMO the scratches disappeared! I use windex on wood floor scratches, Bar Keepers on my stainless steel and to spruce up a few vintage serving trays I use in my bar, I brought out an old favorite, OLD ENGLISH. While I don't use these trays to serve food, I do place olives and other bar items on them, so they tend to get wet and stained. Just before I tossed them out, I thought to try some OE and it did just the trick! I've also used olive oil (as I do on my wooden salad bowls), but my old English pal pulled through this time and brought new life to these old trays.