Wednesday, April 27, 2016


This is where the Gemini in me comes out, because when pressed I would say I am NOT a fan of window coverings whatsoever, but understand they are often a necessity; to keep a place warm in the winter, cool in the summer or keep a big hot mess from peeking in your windows. If you've shopped for curtains or shades recently you know the cold hard truth; they're pretty darn expensive! For simple curtains and rods I love heading to Ikea (most curtain panels are $19/pair and rods are as little as $9.99). For a client I'm working with in Manhattan who just bought an apartment on the third floor overlooking a busy street, she needed something immediately for privacy. She was willing to hang sheets in the windows (I was NOT), so while we wait the ten weeks for custom shades to arrive, I found a great alternative...TEMPORARY paper shades at the Home Depot for approximately $4/window. Because they are paper you can cut them to size, raise and lower by hand and clip into position to stay open (clips are even included in the cost...Fancy!).  Now, would I hang these in the Queen Mums suite? OF COURSE NOT, but for a kids room, basement, dorm room, etc. they are the perfect solution. Another great find I discovered at the Home Depot was a new line of cellular window shades called the HOME DECORATORS COLLECTION. These off-the-shelf shades come in several different colors and hang so you can open from top down, or down up AND they can be cut to size in the store, so no more waiting 8-10 weeks for custom shades!  If you don't feel confident in your measuring or hanging abilities, for $50 the Home Depot will measure (cost taken off once order is placed) and for an additional $75 they will hang them for you. If naked windows just won't cut it, head to the Home Depot and have THEM do the cutting for you!