Monday, April 4, 2016


I'm sure this post will show my age, but advances in technology continue to blow me away. Years ago, producing a blue print of a house would take hours, a few years ago computer programs made that much easier and today there are many apps you can download to your tablet or phone which creates floorpans in seconds. In that same vein, I've shared many tips here on how I make the paint-color-choosing process for clients much easier (paint large pieces of plywood and move them to different areas of your home to see paint colors at different times of day, etc.) but now there's an even easier way, thanks to Benjamin Moore. Log onto and spend a few minutes setting up a free account. Once you do that you can upload photos from your computer, tablet or smartphone to the site, highlight the areas you want painted with the help of a few easy tools, choose colors, and click to your hearts content!  While it might take a few years before we see drones delivering toilet paper to our front doors, the agony of choosing the right paint color for your living room walls is now a click away!