Thursday, March 10, 2016


My mentioning how many kitchens I'm currently designing is about as annoying as politicians fighting, so I'll try to move onto something else next week, but when I see a cool idea I always want to pass it along. One common theme with each kitchen I'm designing is the request for minimal, sleek designs. While the styles range from more traditional to modern in design, each client raised a concern about two many products lingering on countertops, exposed wires, etc. A few weeks ago I shared pop-up plugs which help eliminate outlets and switch plates on a backsplash, this week I bring  you one more way to hide the ugly...integrated dish drying. Don't bother using one of your thousand Bed Bath & Beyond coupons to buy yet another ugly, clunky dish-drying rack, when installing new countertops (any kind of solid surface) ask the fabricator to "groove out" descending lines next to the sink. This way you can place wet dishes on the counter and let them dry away while putting the unsightly dish rack AWAY. Cost of fabrications ranges anywhere from an additional $100-$300, but looks sleek, clean and lovely. I place a cutting board over the grooves when not in use for extra chopping/prep space. So on this throwback Thursday, allow yourselves to get GROOVY!