Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I've probably talked about this a million times here, but give me a break, I'm getting OLD and TIRED. Actually, I'm just tired of old ideas and am always on the hunt for unique designs for every price point, every house, and every style. One of my first design jobs happened on my first day of college when my (very straight) roommate took one look at our prison-like room and said, "we've got to go to Ikea!" After getting permission from our resident assistant, we had the nasty furniture removed and brought in a loft bed from Ikea, fluffy rugs, bean bags, curtains, and fun pendant lights. We also painted one wall in a deep red and didn't realize that would get us into deep trouble when the year came to an end...to the tune of about $1,000! To all the renters out there who think they can't make their boring spaces look bright and fun, I've got just the solution. CB2, Crate & Barrel's more hip, less expensive brother, offers temporary wallpaper you can paint on! For $55/roll (roll is 20" wide by 33' long) you can place the wallpaper anywhere you want and paint WHATEVER you want on it (thick enough so it won't leak through). When it's time to go, no problem, just peel off the wallpaper and nothing but the boring walls you moved into remain!  I've also used this in staging jobs where I wanted a fun flare but didn't want the messy clean up. Whatever the project, wherever you live, you don't need a lot of cash to give your space a little splash!