Wednesday, January 13, 2016


While some people don't leave home without their American Express card, I don't leave home without my bluetooth wireless speaker!  I know it isn't the most innovative bit of technology to hit the market, but it's something I've used for years and continue to rock out with. When I flew to California last month I took my mini-speaker with me and jammed out while decorating my parents trees. When I go camping I take it for dinner time tunes or background music while I'm cooking. The genius part of this little magic maker, is any bluetooth capable device can connect to it. If you want to listen to a book on tape on a larger speaker, connect your kindle to it. If Pandora or another playlist is on your smartphone or tablet, connect them and listen away. During the holidays I play nothing but my Pandora Christmas playlists through my speaker. It's so small I can hide it behind garland so no one knows where the festive tunes are coming from. I love the Bose speaker (which can be grabbed on Amazon for $99) but many are as low as $75. Designing a beautiful space is one thing, creating the right mood is entirely different...and this is a good start!