Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Design isn't just about making things pretty anymore, marrying both form and function in every space is critical. I've mentioned several times how I love designing smaller spaces, like apartments in Manhattan, because the smaller the area to work with, the more challenging it is for me to make it all fit. I often feel like a wardrobe stylist, attempting to force an over-sized starlet into a tiny dress for the red carpet.  While attempting to make her look pretty for the camera, I also want her to feel comfortable in her dress. Similarly, every time I design a space I obviously want it to be beautiful, but I also want to include as much function as possible. My clients are as different as the spaces I design, and often requests are just as unique; a few years ago someone wanted to incorporate an aquarium with fake fish into her kitchen design, another requested hidden tiles in a bathroom she could flip around to hide toothpaste and toothbrushes.  Many people like toilets that wash and dry everything, while someone else requested a gold urinal in a master bath. This time around a lovely client has told me she hates outlets in her kitchen, yet needs several for various electronics (I explained that a kitchen without outlets was like a home without doors...you kinda need them!). A little online research found the perfect solution in a little device called the Sensio Powerpod. While a regular outlet will be placed to code below the counters, the Powerpod plugs into that outlet but hides flush with the counter until you need it. When it's time to plug in the toaster or coffee pot, simply push the pod and it pops up to reveal three outlets and a USB port for charging electronics. Advantages for the rest of us? Some might ask, why not just put an outlet flush with the countertop? Believe it or not that is NOT code, so when looking to sell a home those outlets would have to be changed (if they are flush it's easier to get water in them, short them out, cause a fire, etc.) While the devil certainly is in the details, sometimes angels like the Powerpod come along and make everything much easier!