Thursday, December 3, 2015


As I type this I'm thinking I should change the name of this blog to FROM SITTING TO SOLD or READY FOR THE MARKET because all I seem to be doing lately is sharing staging secrets and photos with you, but hey, I'm here to help, so that's just what I'm going to continue to do! I've been working with a lovely lady who's trying to sell her home in the Hudson Valley. At first glance it's spectacular...remarkable views of the Hudson River as it winds its way down to Manhattan, great layout, nice pool, plenty of space. So what' the problem, you ask?  As I explained to my reluctant client, buyers have very little vision when it comes to purchasing a home. The view simply is not enough when certain design roadblocks like COLOR get in the way.  This beautifully designed home, as I explained to the owner, needed to be toned down a bit to appeal to a mainstream market. Two of my main suggestions/thoughts were the vibrant pink color on the bookshelves and wallpaper had to go.  Buyers, believe it or not, will think it's just too much work to change.  The pink bookcases, in my opinion, were far too dark and would leave a potential buyer overwhelmed.  Repainted in a more neutral, buttercream color will hopefully quiet those fears.  In the entry a beautiful, large print wallpaper was also removed which helped brighten up the space considerably.  The key point I had to keep driving home to the seller was she wasn't selling this place to herself.  Removing the warm, cozy personality she created in the spaces, while lovely, would look far too daunting to some.  Now let's hope this puppy sells fast!  And, here's hoping I can figure out why my lovely new laptop is deleting posts after I upload them and randomly indenting certain support STAT!