Monday, November 23, 2015


I just watched a segment on a popular morning show called, "TOP TEN WAYS TO NOT OVER EAT DURING THE HOLIDAYS" and the first tip...put less food on your plate, or my favorite, USE SMALLER PLATES.  Do the producers of these segments think we are a bunch of flippin morons? NEXT, HOW NOT TO GET RUN OVER BY AN AIRPLANE..DON'T WALK ON AN ACTIVE RUNWAY. I can't take it! Here's the thing folks, however you choose to celebrate, one would hope you approach the holidays expecting to enjoy time with family and friends, or at the very least, a few days of much deserved time OFF.  Here's one way to stroll through the holidays with grace...SIP UP! A tradition in our home on Thanksgiving morning is to turn on the parade, start cooking and pour a lovely glass of Bloody Mary.  No need to grab your rosary and pray for it all to end when you start off on the right note!
If I dare say so myself, these are quite possibly the best bloody mary's around.  I've taken bits and drabs from various recipes to come up with my own.  Now, let me be clear, we don't go NUTS too early or we'd be sound asleep before the tryptophan kicked in. One glass calms nerves, brightens spirits and creates the calm everyone needs.  If you have under-aged guests or those who would rather not, just don't add the booze! So, here's how I get the party started;
1.) I like to prepare mine the night before in a V8 container so all the ingredients have time to get jiggy with each other. The following morning I pour the contents into a lovely glass pitcher.
2.) Over the years I've collected fun vintage bottles, so place other ingredients in those as guests arrive and place on the bar. Extra vodka, bourbon for some, hot sauce, extra olive juice, etc.
3.) THE MAIN INGREDIENTS: Very simple; REAL V8 (don't bother with the lower sodium for this because it changes the taste drastically and isn't worth it). Add horseradish, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, olive juice and VODKA (I use a brand like Svedka because wasting a more expensive vodka with something like this just doesn't make sense)
4.) Garnish with olives, pickled green beans or okra.
5.) Again, I add ingredients on the bar in separate containers like hot sauce, etc. so main serving isn't too spice for anyone.