Friday, October 30, 2015


Just when I think it's time to hang up the old keyboard and shelf this lovely blog, I get more emails from people wondering where I've been when I fail to post for a few days, so, THANK YOU for that!  As long as you're reading AND getting something from it..ANY THING...I guess I'll keep on writing. Oh, and yes, as many of you have asked, I AM publishing a design book with an accompanying television project loosely based on this almost NINE YEAR OLD BLOG. Sadly, it might take almost that long to see either one come to fruition, but I remain hopeful. ENOUGH OF THAT.  So, why have I been absent from dining and designing for the last week? Well, as I've indicated the last few entries, I've been in kitchen planning HELL and have been so frustrated by the process that I decided to document the entire thing in order to protect you from making the same mistakes.  More on that in a few minutes.  Shall we discuss a success story first? While I love picking out a sofa and matching curtains as much as I adore binge watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, kitchen and bath designs are what keep my creative juices flowing. While neither one is an inexpensive undertaking, the final results can be as fulfilling as a night out with your favorite celebrity.  Just like that Hollywood starlet in need of a little lift, oftentimes simply updating elements in your kitchen (rather than a complete overhaul) can have a dramatic impact.  In the example above we've left every single item in its original position. A bulky island was removed and more unique prep table put in its place (opening up the kitchen significantly), a new apron farm sink was installed where a dated porcelain sink once lived, a new refrigerator added, stove, counter tops and floors.  While important storage solutions like the island and wall cabinets were removed to create a more open feel, an adjoining (unnecessary) coat closet was turned into a much needed pantry. What once looked like the set of the Brady Bunch is now fit for any diva!
When shopping for appliances, find what you like at the local kitchen store or hardware store then search online.  I've had a lot of luck tracking down similar items (Elkay sinks, for example, or Wolf stoves) on AMAZON for far less money than retail establishments. Another HUGE lesson I'm still trying to teach clients, going CHEAP isn't always the best way to go.  If you can't get what you want, save up until you can. IKEA is NOT THE WAY TO GO. But more on that later.