Thursday, August 20, 2015


I'm embarrassed to admit that one of my favorite shows is the Housewives of Atlanta, but truth told, I actually have learned quite a bit from the ladies.  Before tuning in I knew very little about weaves, the importance of a larger booty, and the fine art of "reading" someone. Nope, these ladies don't read to each other, they READ one another by tossing unsavory, often repugnant jibes until one backs off or shuts down.  This week I did a little reading of my own when I walked into a friends library and discovered an appalling site; a disorganized mess! Instead of making her feel terrible for the mucky, grubby space, I offered my help.  While she put on a pot of coffee I took off my shoes, rolled up my sleeves and did a little organizing.  Before the second cup was poured I rearranged the furniture, found places for the straggling bits and made a few piles of questionable items (empty boxes with shipping labels from three years ago, unused office supply items, broken lamps, etc.).  My point was not to make my dear friend feel imperfect, but to show her what little effort it takes to turn a space around.  Instead of walking the other way when she saw this space, she now dives right in with a good book for a little read!