Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I'm sure I've complained about design segments on the various morning shows before, but it really is getting ridiculous!  It doesn't matter if we're heading into a holiday and Designer X has thirty seconds to walk us through setting the prefect table, preparing a delicious meal and creating gifts made out of tree bark for fifty guests, even in the middle of summer producers of morning shows are filling fifty second spots with foolish ideas for non-believers like me.  This morning, for example, on my favorite morning show a YouTube "star" showed us how to make a watermelon cake by cutting off the brine and dressing it in whip cream.  This pile of genius bile was followed by a lesson in decorating with burlap and painting a cellphone case, while the hosts hurried this nervous "designer" through her routine like walking a cow to slaughter, I thought, "really? Is this as creative as we can get this early in the morning?"  High on a caffeine buzz, I headed into one of my favorite local antique stores searching for hidden treasures for several clients.  What happens more times than I care to admit, I walk out with nothing for clients, but a truck load for ME!  In the last few months I've created two bars for different clients in small Manhattan apartments by using airline beverage carts I found on eBay.  This morning I stumbled upon another great idea; a bar hidden in an old ABC News Camera Case.  Picture a typical trunk, stood on one end, wheels mounted on the bottom and a wine rack, shelves and glass holder inserted inside.  Brilliant! I've got the perfect spot in a Manhattan apartment for this gem...THIS, my friends, is a great idea...NOT a skinned watermelon lathered in whip cream!