Monday, July 6, 2015


I know, I know I haven't been blogging with any regularity recently because I've been a tad INSANE and I'm only one person, PEOPLE!  That said, I'm banking several great ideas to use in forthcoming entries because I've been doing a lot of everything, it seems, for everyone.  In fact, I told a client last week I felt like the town whore because I'd been in so many houses sharing my tricks...humm...wonder why she hasn't called me back yet? ANYWAY, back to THIS.  Two of my favorite little tips that can create a huge impact I've used recently so thought I would share...oh, and by the way, I spared you tips last week because, quite honestly, if I saw one more quick segment on a morning show about how to barbecue or paint paper plates to look like the American flag I was going to throw up my apple pie! Again, BACK TO THIS...So, a few weeks ago I was busily trying to set up a room for a family with a hectic life and the lovely eight and nine year old children were willing and able to help me do just about everything.  To keep them busy and out of danger (one never knows what a frazzled designer might do) I asked the parents if I could give them a little art project.  In the kids playroom I sectioned off several areas on a wall with painters tape and told them to get to work creating whatever they wanted INSIDE the tape.  After finishing my job I popped my head in to check on theirs and was quite impressed.  Normally I would place frames with the glass removed over these creations, but decided the painters tape looked pretty cool so left it.  Back on the home front, as I went to grab a cheese platter out of our pantry ten fell on my foot, so I decided to take one of them and turn it into art.  Once upon a time I worked for a wackadoo actress who collected seashells AND WATER from every beach she visited, and I've picked up some of that tradition (I leave the water alone.) To display some of the neat things I've collected from various beaches I glued them onto this slate cheese platter in the form of little trees then hung it on a wall in our bar.  In the past I've taken pieces of unused slate tiles from a roofing project, drilled holes for a rope (similar to the above) and hung them on the wall in our kitchen as a reminder chalkboard.  Okay, GET CREATIVE as I get back to my hectic Monday!