Friday, June 5, 2015


Maybe you've noticed my absence (if you haven't, clearly you aren't a regular reader and need to START), but I've been pretty busy the last week working my tail off on both coasts.  One thing I love about hectic work schedules is the opportunity to test my tips with everything from helping people move to fixing scratches on floors and walls, flying with ease in the summer months to making the perfect cocktail after a long days work.  I've certainly tested my tips and skills the last few weeks and have plenty to share, so today we will start with a simple one I've used many times in the last few months in setting up (and organizing) clients kitchens.  While many stores from Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table to Macy's and The Container Store offer great solutions for cupboard organization, sometimes the re-purposing of items works best.  Here are just a few things I love to repurpose in my kitchen organization projects:
Hanging pot racks can be a pain in the neck and make spaces look much smaller than they are (and they obstruct views to guests, kids, etc.) so I often like to use a wall-hung rack instead.  One of my favorite things to do is grab a stainless steel towel rack and use s hooks from the home depot to hang pots and pans from it.
I recently wrote about this tip, to securely store lids by attaching smaller towel bars to the inside of cabinet doors and resting the lids between the bar and door.  Works wonders and costs little!
If you don't have a spice drawer or a drawer big enough to incorporate a spice rack, I like to take the stepped expandable shelf unit and place it in a cabinet near the stove and place my spices on it.  This is also great for glass organization in a cupboard so you can see all glasses.
While normally used for standing plates upright, I like to place pegged wooden plate organizers in cabinets for pots and pans and use them to keep lids Upright and closest to the pots they belong to.