Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Before moving to New York I cringed at the idea of working in Manhattan; high maintenance clients with tiny budgets, small spaces and huge expectations, not for me!  Wow was I ever wrong!  Come to think of it, I also had an aversion to beets, but grew to love them after landing in the empire state, so New York has changed my opinion of many things.  I've been fortunate enough to have wonderful clients (many of them read this, so...) and each space presents its own unique challenges, but I love a challenge almost as much as I adore designing around one. A lovely woman approached me a few months ago to help re-design her tiny, outdated kitchen and presented this caveat; she would forgo a cruise and put that money into the design fund instead.  Humm.  What kind of cruise, I thought? Around the world or down the Mississippi?  Well, the budget proved to be closer to that of a river-boat cruise, but I was still up for it! The photos above show how easy it is to reinvent a space without moving walls, windows or changing floors.  Simple cabinet placement and re-arranging of appliances (moving the dishwasher in this case to accommodate an "L" shaped kitchen cabinet layout).  Subway tiles placed in a herringbone pattern from the counter to the ceiling help create the illusion of higher ceilings, and the glossy sheen of the tiles helps that effect. Taking a cramped corner that once housed trash and recycle bins and creating an intimate banquette provides both a comfortable eating area and makes the space more inviting.  While open shelving isn't for everyone, they are yet another trick to opening up an otherwise tight spot, and depending on what's placed on them, can add the modern flare you're looking for in the kitchen.  When thinking big, start small!
If you're struggling with how to redesign your kitchen I have a few go-to apps I love to layout a space, HOME 3D and INTERIOR DESIGN for IPAD.  If you aren't tech savvy or don't have the patience, head to your local LOWE'S where they are more than happy to take your dimensions and produce 2 and 3D renderings of your dream space for free!