Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I clearly need to take my own advice and CHILL OUT after attempting to download photos of my lovely tip for today with ZERO SUCCESS.  May I just ask one question? Why is it...HOW IS IT...that we spend a bloody fortune to make whatever it is we have work in today's tech-savvy universe, yet when the wind blows it all comes to a screeching halt? How I long for two cans and a string today.  I digress.  So, I was able to download at least one picture from this weekend and stole another from an earlier blog, but something I used yet again at yesterdays festivities.  Now that the frost has melted, the leaves have perked up and birds are chirping away, it can only mean one thing...the wretched, humid days of summer are upon us.  How do I chill out when things get fired up? I come up with fun drinks to cool down.
I love adding fun ice cubes to drinks of any kind, and here are just a few I do over and over.  At busy parties like this weekends Memorial Day celebration, I paint the stems of wine glasses with chalkboard paint so I can keep track of the booze bags...I mean, the guests and their beverages of choice.  A few of my favorite ice tricks:
1.) For dirty martini lovers, I freeze an ice tray of olive juice with olives in each tray.  Drop them in a glass of premium vodka, and YUM YUM
2.) For those who love a little cranberry or orange juice, I make ice cubes of both and drop them in a glass of vodka with soda or tonic.
3.) To spruce up a drab old glass of water, I make ice cubes with mint leaves.
4.) For the kiddos I make watermelon ice cubes.  To make them extra special for adults, I'll hollow out the tops and once frozen add shot of vodka for a little something special.
5.) For an extra spicy COOL Bloody Mary, I'll make ice cubes of solid hot sauce and worcester sauce and drop them into a glass of prepared bloody mary mix (I love to take a plastic container of V8 and prepare the mary right in there by adding olive juice, worcester, salt, pepper, spices, chili pepper and Dijon mustard.  Shake that puppy up and add the ice cubes and your guests are guaranteed to chill out!
6.) While most alcohol does NOT freeze, wine will, so making ice cubes with chardonnay, Rose or any red add a nice twist to the spritzer!
Whatever you do, don't stress out this summer OR over indulge!  Be responsible...I'm off to the west coast for big design job, but will be back to writing away next week so check back and until then CHILL OUT!