Tuesday, May 19, 2015


One of my favorite parts of what I do for a living is the colorful people I meet along the way.  Sure, some clients are easier than others, but many become regular customers and good friends.  This one is no different, but to protect this lovely lunatic, I'll call her "Suzie."  I met Suzie years ago when I was hired to push her home into the current decade, erasing all signs of the nineties-inspired decor.  After selling that house I helped her design the new one from baseboards to crown molding, and most recently finished filling a new weekend home with the things she loves.  Always itching for a project, Suzie decided the brand new construction of the weekend home she purchased was "boring" so enlisted my help once again to inject personality into the beige life of her new pad.  While Suzie wanted to knock down walls, rip cabinets out, and replace flooring, after lighting serenity candles and getting her to take it down a notch, I showed her how she could get the biggest bang for only a few bucks.  By changing the builder-grade countertops to a solid surface she loved, we took the economy-wagon kitchen into the luxury sports car category.  I don't believe going totally nuts with a backsplash (I know everyone is crazy about glass tiles, but guess what, they're going to be out before Bruce Jenner reveals her new selfie), so I always opt for a more subtle, monochromatic backsplash and insert the POW above the stove with a more dramatic tile insert.  While Suzie thought she had to spend well over $20,000 to transform her kitchen, I spent not a penny over $2,500! Next time you think your face needs a lift, maybe all it needs is a little botox!