Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I love a challenge but I'm not crazy about surprises, so when my clients requested a "cool, hip, totally un-basement like bar" in their basement at the tail end of a long renovation, I wasn't amused...especially after they told me the budget for this last minute add.  But, always eager to please, I dove right in with my architect, Rob, to see what walls (if any) we could remove without the project crashing down on top of us (literally).  The beautiful hundred year-old stone foundation seemed like an obvious backdrop for the bar (and great conversation piece), so I designed it using store-bought cabinets to save some dough, kept the slate flooring which wasn't my favorite but saved us thousands of dollars, and continuing the earthy-stone theme, installed poured concrete counter tops.  For fun bar items, including the brass foot rail, taps, faucets, rubber bar mats, etc. I went to my favorite online bar supply store,  Now when my clients (both lawyers) get home from a long day in court, they have a great place to relieve stress while belly up to a bar!
I love the tiny details of every project, so in this home where we worked for months on two bathrooms and a kitchen renovation, while it was exhausting to add the bar to the list, at the end of the day I love getting lost in the details of any project, especially when there are fun things to buy.  I am a freak about tiny details, so stocking this bar with more tools than one might find at the grocery store or Target was essential, and never disappoints.  From unique shot glasses and sink mats to protect glasses from breaking, to bar rags and kegs, they have it all at incredibly reasonable prices!  If you have access to a computer OR a World Market/Cost Plus, they also have an incredible selection of barware, but at outwater you can actually BUY the bar!