Wednesday, April 29, 2015


If I had a dollar for every time a client cringed when I tossed out an idea I'd be a millionaire!  Hmm, now there's a tag line, huh?  While I probably won't be adding that to my business cards any time soon, convincing a client to relax and trust me is often one of my most challenging tasks.  However, I can honestly say in the twelve years I've worked as an Interior Designer I have never, ever had a complaint after the final picture was hung.  I recently popped in to visit with someone I worked with on a kitchen renovation five years ago and was happy to see they had not changed one thing, a true testament (I'm assuming) to the end result.  The homeowner, while lovely, gave me such a hard time during the process, I thought If I could bottle that stress and sell it as a diet plan, I'd be the richest man on the planet (I lost twenty pounds while working with that I think of it, I should work with her again to get fit and trim for summer!).  In our initial meeting she wore a vibrantly-colored outfit and gave me a tour of her home, decorated in rich hues from her world travels.  When I asked her to describe the prefect kitchen, I was somewhat shocked by the reply; "nothing but white.  White walls, white cabinets, white countertops."  When I pitched soft green cabinets, darker floors, blue accents and creamy walls with white molding and a chandelier I thought she was going to call the authorities on me.  Then she surprised me when one day she just relaxed and let me do what I do...oh, did I mention the number one adjective? To make her cramped Manhattan kitchen feel like a country home.  I think I did that.  So, my friends, the take-away today is to stretch outside your comfort zone sometimes because you might just be pleasantly surprised by the finished product!
If you live in the northeast like we do, you know it's been one heckuvah winter and spring doesn't seem like it's in a hurry to get here.  So, I'm FORCING Spring, something I do every year.  Here's how I fill our house with color and fresh flowers without spending a dime: I head out to our yard (and sometimes our neighbors) and clip forsythia branches, magnolia and other limbs that haven't yet bloomed.  I place them in vases with water and wait for them to spring forward...I did this routine last week before heading to Michigan and returned to a happy home filled with bright, spring-like if the outside would just catch up, we'd be in great shape!