Friday, March 20, 2015


Before and after shots tend to be popular (and I'm not talking about the alcoholic variety on a boozy night with friends) so I thought I'd share a few more today.  The guest house I stepped into in this home looked like the folks had been a tad tipsy, as bags of random junk were tossed haphazardly, giving the appearance of a roadside donation container and less like a cozy guest room.  Hired to design the main rooms of the house, I explained to the home owners that I love to shop in peoples homes, as the hidden treasures I find are often much better than anything I could buy. When I peeked my head into the guest quarters searching for goodies I was slightly appalled by the mess.  With permission from the clients, I spent thirty minutes organizing the space (and slightly re-arranging things).  A table pushed up against a wall became a functioning dining room table in the middle of the room, a large armoire was handy in housing a lot of the junk tossed around AND served as a great tool to divide the areas in the room, creating cozy "moments" in the rather large space.  I understand we don't all have guest quarters, or even a quarter to spend on creating one, but it costs nothing to get organized...and, as I said earlier in the week, you might be shocked by what you find hiding under all that STUFF!