Tuesday, February 24, 2015


My love of winter is quickly becoming an unpopular opinion to have, especially in our neighborhood where temperatures have been far below zero for several weeks.  I say, just wait until the scorching hot, muggy days of July and August when I give the cold shoulder to those hot tempers I've faced recently!  Don't fear, my fair weather friends, spring is just around the corner...even if it feels like you've moved to the north pole, brighter days are ahead!  While the slog to blooming beauties in our backyards seems like a long one, take time now to brighten things up inside, because soon enough you'll want to spend all of your time and effort outdoors.  I've received so many emails lately asking about how to update a drab room as inexpensively as possible, I decided to take this Tipsy Tuesday to share a few tricks of my trade.  So, put on a warm sweater, those cozy socks, take a tip and spring into action!
Wow, is it really already time for us to move our clocks forward an hour (next Saturday, March 7th) and say goodbye to winter? I know, I know, most of you (especially my friends in the northeast) are ready to trade in the flannel for flip flops, but before we get there...and I hate to say it's going to be another few months before we actually thaw out here people...make the best of this time and jazz up your home with a few simple tips from this complicated designer.
1.) Someone sent me photos of a new condo they purchased in Houston, Texas with a question of what to do on the giant, 10' tall white walls in their living room.  Not keen on the idea of painting, she wanted simple ways to make a big statement.  If you have a monochromatic sofa you've pushed against the wall (not my favorite thing to do..I'd rather put a piece away from the wall if you have the space) placing matching lamps in shocking colors can help.  Home Goods is one of my go-to stores for inexpensive, great looking lamps.
2.) To the same question above, an incredibly simple way to create drama on a wall is to add a collection of something..and I don't mean three painted dog plates or a duck decoy...I've always loved scouring antique malls for vintage mirrors (usually round) then hanging them on a wall (think FORM not FUNCTION..in other words, Narcissus, they aren't for you to stare into).  Ikea has incredibly inexpensive mirrors (many for under $10) and a collection of, say, three or four will bring a dramatic BANG to any boring wall, and in a small space, help open it up.
3.) If the refrigerator in your kitchen is looking like something better suited for a back porch in honky tonk land, head to the hardware store and purchase appliance paint.  If you're planning on selling your home, stay safe and paint it either white or black (stainless looks terribly fake, in my opinion).  If you're just wanting something fun and different, chalkboard paint on a refrigerator is a great, fun thing to do for a family...and perfect place for chores, grocery lists, inspirational quote for the day, etc.
4.) Give us some shade...if your old lamps are looking even worse thanks to nasty shades, UPDATE them.  Stores like Target and Pier 1 have great selections of lampshades starting as low as $5.  Just like painting a wall, it's shocking to see what a clean, new lampshade can do to a nasty old lamp.
5.) Even if the thought of paint scares you back into winter, calm yourself down!  Painting only the wood work in a room can breath new life into the space.  Try high-gloss white on baseboards, crown molding and door and window frames.