Friday, February 13, 2015


The other day my iPhone filled me with so much rage that I contemplated tossing it in the street and driving over it several times like an angry, betrayed spouse seeking revenge.  "Not enough memory to take photo" appeared several times on the screen as I struggled to focus with shaking hands of rage.  How am I supposed to capture moments to remember forever if my stupid phones memory is full?  Then I noticed I have 4,750 photos which, quite honestly, would overwhelm even the smartest device, so I did what any sane individual would do and backed up my precious moments to my computer.  While I sat watching the years flash before my eyes, I came up with a great Valentine's Day present for Joe and fun art for our bare and white framed photos!  I've mentioned how easy this is to do in the past, and for this procrastinator it's never been easier.  It's 10:45am on the east coast the day before Valentine's Day and logging on to, creating an account and uploading images took all of ten minutes.  I then pressed the "edit" button to make them black and white, increased the size to 11"x14" and for $3.99/each they'll be ready in an hour!  While I will also print a few choice pictures of our favorite Valentine's (our dogs, Bones and Canyon) I decided to print a few of the random shots I've taken...and apparently I take many!  I love photos of images...fences, trees, buildings, lakes, animals wandering in fields...because, at least for me, these represent the simple, uncomplicated things in life.  If you're struggling to figure out what to put on that blank wall or trying to think outside of the box of chocolates this year, walk outside and snap a photo of something interesting on your phone (that is if you have enough memory), upload it to, wall, or (all online photo departments I've used and am happy with) and embrace your inner Annie Leibovitz!