Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I love a challenge, and thanks to many of the realtors I work with, they continue to hand them to me over and over again.  The top photo was the first room I walked into in this home where the plan was to get it "fluffed" before putting it on the market.  As you can see, the room of this adult-child needed a little more than fluffing, but armed only with patience and a can of paint, I went to work.  With permission from the homeowners, I placed most of the "stuff" in boxes and marked them with expiration dates (the messy child was apparently paying a visit shortly after I finished the job, so marking boxes with "WILL BE THROWN AWAY IF NOT SAVED BY XX/XX) created the little motivational kick in the Kardashian this child needed.  I then toned down the deep aqua paint color with a softer variation on the theme (I suggested very monochromatic, but as is the case with many home-sellers, detaching emotion..and bad color choices...is often hard for even me to break).  Please note I added absolutely nothing new to this bedroom (as evident in the mis-matched lamps) but by simply cleaning the mess and toning down the paint color, even this jumbled dome of chaos was ready for its closeup twenty-four hours later!
If you have a room that's been long-ignored by an adult child who flew the coop years ago and you feel guilty about tossing anything out, gather the items in one place (I often suggest a cedar trunk, basement closet, etc.) and the next time said child returns home tell them if they don't remove the stuff, you will do the deciding for them.  Then head over to your local shelter and give new life to your kids old things.