Thursday, January 8, 2015


I love a challenge and there's nothing better to test my nerves than designing a tiny space in Manhattan for a couple with multiple personalities.  The best way to calm a turbulent situation? POUR EM A DRINK!  As luck would have it, one half of this jet-setting couple works in the airline industry, so by landing this cool find scored me big points and instant access to the priority club!  When designing any space I look for unique items that speak to the clients, so this vintage airline service cart I found on eBay for $250 was a perfect addition to this tiny space (far under retail design stores selling bars for thousands of dollars).  This space-saver and conversation starter takes up little space, yet holds booze, wine bottles, glasses, cocktail napkins and an ice tray.  Whether you're cruising at 32,000 feet or staring out your window from the sixth floor, what's not to love?