Tuesday, January 13, 2015


January always feels like a thousand Mondays to me, toss in a little inclement weather and you've got a recipe for FUN!  Last night, huddled under my comfy sheepskin throw in front of the tube, 50 mph wind gusts and blowing snow and sleet whipped around outside, while even sweet old Dorothy was looking for cover!  With sketch pad in hand (I am a multi-tasker, after all) as I designed a fantasy kitchen for a client, I started to think about the reality around me as our lights started to flash. At a holiday party last month someone from Manhattan screeched, "DON'T YOU HAVE A GENERATOR!!!???"  No, we do not...YET.  Thanks to my love of camping, however, I am prepared with things like the Fulcrum Touch Battery Operated Lamp (sounds a bit like something you'd take for erectile dysfunction, but only costs $21 on Amazon).  During the winter months I bring them indoors and use them for guests (great for reading at night or finding ones way to the bathroom at 3 am).  As a rule of thumb it's a good idea to mark your calendar four times a year..YES..four times...to check batteries in smoke alarms, CO2 detectors, etc.  I also use that time to check locations of flashlights, batteries, emergency radios, etc. Last year I bought a battery operated/solar powered radio and phone charger at Lands End which comes in awfully handy, so last night I roamed around our house and made a list of the things to pick up at the grocery store today like AAA batteries, jugs of water, matches or flame starters and extra ice trays. Why ice trays, you might ask?  Just because it's cold outside, doesn't mean I can't fantasize about summer and the yummy drinks we will enjoy while watching the sunset.
After updating my supply list and making sure everything is ready to go, I turned my focus to warmer thoughts on this cold day.  I love making fun drinks in the summer, alcohol or not, so here are just a few things I like to sample from time to time.  I take ice trays and fill them with cranberry juice and orange juice for delicious little treats when plopped into a glass of vodka (add regular cubes and a few of the cranberry and orange juice, and not only does the drink look appetizing and festive, as the ice melts the delicious tastes come out).  For those who enjoy dirty martinis, I make ice cubes of olive juice.  Dropping springs of mint in regular cubes freezes to look lovely but also adds an extra YUM to a glass of water.  So, while it's freezing outside I'm still coming up with cool ideas by the fire!