Monday, January 19, 2015


I've thought about renaming my company "Webbed Feet" but don't think anyone would get it...I was born in Seattle (and was told, because of the wet climate, I was born with webbed feet).  Initially I thought SQUARE FOOT would be a cool name for a design company (imagine square business cards with images of a square floorpan with a foot in the middle of it).  Hmm.  While I think about the re- branding of my company, I'm forced to face other things like REALITY.  This week I find myself moving two very different clients into two tiny Manhattan apartments.  While I love designing smaller spaces, it's always the process of convincing my clients about SCALE that proves to be the most challenging part of the process.  Weeks ago I started by walking into the apartments with clients in tow, measuring every SQUARE inch, then coming up with detailed plans on paper.  When Client A was still convinced her sectional sofa (better suited for a football stadium) would fit into a 10'x10' family room, I took blue painters tape and mapped out exactly how large that space was in her current home.  After she stopped crying, we decided to sell it and purchase something more size-appropriate. LESSON: If you're moving or planning on purchasing new furniture, take time to measure what you have to make sure it fits in your room. Sure, this seems as obvious as the sun rising in the east, but many people don't take the time to measure, then are shocked when gigantic pieces don't fit into tiny spaces. So in order to calm my weeping client, I promised her even the tiniest of spaces can be fabulous.  Heck, I made a 4'x2' bathroom closet in my vintage trailer look adorable by adding temporary wallpaper (something I use in staging jobs all the time to spruce things up and not leave any marks behind).  No matter what the square footage of your humble abode, it doesn't take a lot to make a huge impact!