Monday, January 26, 2015


Fear not, design enthusiasts, I have not fallen off of the blogosphere, I've simply been swimming in a sea of cardboard boxes and packing tape.  Last week at this time I was preparing to move two clients into two separate Manhattan apartments, and shortly after clicking "upload" I added two more moves for one client, bringing last weeks move-extravaganza to FOUR moves into FOUR different locations.  And, yes, it's just little old me managing the entire process for everyone.  Before you start scratching your head, no I'm not a moving company, but my work as a celebrity personal assistant helped me with the important skill of GETTING IT DONE, whatever "it" may be.  I am a one stop shop, soups-to-nuts design services kind of business...need a sofa AND a place to PUT IT? NO PROBLEM!  Thank goodness I found a great mover a few years ago to help me out with all of this, but as wonderful as he and his team are, to keep everything straight (and clients calm) I do major prep-work before we move a finger.  My favorite design assistant is the app LIVE INTERIOR 3D (which I believe costs under $10).  While not perfect, for the price, it saves a lot of time and headache by creating both 2-D floorpans and 3-D renderings.  That way, before the items walk into a new space both the movers AND homeowners know what's going on in my crazy mind.  To make it as easy as possible for the movers, I color code each room.  For example, on my floorpan I will mark the little girls room as PINK, then every box and furniture item in that room gets a pink sticker and/or colored paper.  Living room is RED, Kitchen BLUE, etc.  Today, as the northeast is expecting up to three feet of snow, one move and apartment design for this week have been pushed a few days, giving me the perfect opportunity to make sure everything is organized and in-line.  I also need to make sure everything in my home is prepped and ready for a storm (I blogged about this a few weeks ago).  Batteries stocked, phones and iPads fully charged, water supply checked, wood ready to go in fireplace, etc.  While you can't predict storms or what might go wrong in a move, you can get yourself as prepared as possible for whatever comes your way!