Friday, January 30, 2015


Even if you live in a black and white world, it's very easy to add fun splashes of color where you'd least expect them.  Take this lovely Manhattan couple I met a few years ago (both void of color in wardrobe, except for piercing cerulean blue eyes) who continue to bring me in to "spruce things up" from time to time.  In many Manhattan apartments it is understandably difficult to add color to walls when light is a challenge, so creating a simple backdrop of white walls (or in this case, grey) gives an opportunity to add color in accessories, curtains, furniture, etc. In a small entry foyer a few years ago I hung a series of black and white photos framed in black above a black bench.  It's crisp, clean look pleased the senses of these hipsters, but begged for more color.  This year I switched things up a bit by adding colorful mats I picked up at an arts and crafts store for under $10 for all and bright throw pillows from West Elm.  If color scares you, start me, the impact will be brighter and bigger than you think!