Friday, December 12, 2014


I've always said this time of year is your ONE opportunity to be TACKY when you want to be, because quite frankly, most Christmas decorations are as glitzy as an outfit on a Miami Housewife.  But when it comes to selling a house, as many of my clients are attempting to do this month, I tell them "tis the season to dial it down!"  Yes, believe it or not, there is a way to celebrate in a tasteful, yet festive way.  If you're struggling with how exactly to do that, take what you would normally do and CUT IT IN HALF.  If your decorating includes those hideous blow-up things in your front yard, well quite honestly, you shouldn't be reading a design blog, but more importantly DON'T PUT THEM OUT!  One nice tree, a lovely wreath and other minimal decorations are great, and remember to keep any overly religious items out, too.  I do not take my own advice, however, because our home isn't on the market.  I have five trees this year, each with a different theme.  Our main living room tree, now called "Canyon's tree" (I will explain in a minute) holds every ornament anyone has ever given us and tells the story of where we have been.  It includes childhood ornaments, items I've picked up from trips around the world and other sparkly, joyful decorations.  I have a trailer and flamingo-themed tree, an all red and green tree and an animal tree, holding nothing but fun animal ornaments.  True to her form, the moment I put up the trees Canyon circles them, a routine that continues throughout the holidays.  The tree in our living room she loves most, and pieces of her hair have become part of the decoration.  This sweet puppy, once rescued from a canyon in Los Angeles (hence her name) has rescued us, by becoming one of our most treasured family members.  Today our house, despite the glimmering lights of holiday cheer, is a sad one as we send Canyon off on her next journey.  If you are fortunate enough to welcome pets into your life, you understand how heart-wrenching it is to say goodbye to them.  In the eight years I have been lucky enough to have her in my life, she has done nothing but make it more fulfilling.  She's my daughter, my best friend, my design assistant, my protector when I feel scared, the hug when I need it and the warm kiss on a cold winter night.  It feels like someone has punched me in the gut, but that heavy feeling on my heart is only warmed when I think of the incredible journey she has taken with us.  We all deal with loss in different ways…losing a loved one, moving out of a favorite house, sending kids off to college…by enlisting coping mechanisms to get us through and I will do the same.  Canyon's Tree, no matter how tattered it might get in the years to come, shall always stand tall in our home and will remind me of the pure joy she has brought into my life.