Monday, December 1, 2014


Is Thanksgiving really over?  When did that happen?  I know I said it would be New Year's day before I uttered those words, but WOW is this holiday season flying by!  One of my favorite things about last week (besides the snowstorm, incredible food, sitting by the fire with Joe, spending time with family, watching cheesy Christmas shows, decorating the house, listening to holiday music…) was having absolutely no agenda at all.  One of the reasons I didn't blog last week was because I wanted to take a break from (most) modern technology so I could practice what many of us have forgotten, thanks to smartphones, tablets and any and everything that plugs in…living in the moment.  In an effort to capture every minute we're living and post it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we've missed out on living in the present.  Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of loving Facebook for everything that is good about it…seeing my niece hit a home run on the other side of the country, peeking at the first baby pictures of my dear friends newborn in Sydney, Australia, dining with my parents vicariously through the wonderful food pictures my mom posts from time to time…but everything has its limits, and sometimes you need to know when to disconnect.  Unless you are a firefighter or doctor on call, while sitting at someones dinner table in the next three weeks, leave the phones with your jackets! The delicious meal someone worked hard to make, the stories about "the good old days", those wonderful holiday smells, the warm hugs, the laughs that make your cheeks turn red, can't be captured in twenty characters on social media.  While photos can live on forever, those moments do not.  So, as we start the deep plunge into the final holiday of this season, give your friends and family the greatest gift of all..YOU.  Or, do what we did ten years ago and BUY A CAMERA!  I love the Polaroid, because just like Kim Kardashian's rump, it's an instant HIT!