Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Hopefully I won't come off as a tech-hater, but lately I've been slightly shocked and appalled by societies fascination with two things; social and media.  Don't get me wrong, I love Facebook, but I still can't wrap my head around sites like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other similar networks that take us away from networking with real, live people, and toss us into the social media vortex.  What happened to inviting someone to coffee, talking on the phone, writing a letter or just enjoying THE MOMENT?  I know, I know, I'm sounding like a broken record lately, but last weekend I watched two friends sit at a cafe, both engrossed in whatever was going on behind the flashy screens of their smart phones, and completely missing the point of getting together IN PERSON.  In an effort to stay on the cutting edge of technology, we've cut all social interaction out of the equation.  While you won't find me tweeting anything today, you will find me heading over to my Pinterest page seeking inspiration for a room I'm designing.  If you aren't familiar to Pinterest, it's easiest to describe it as your own clipboard of things you like from any website on the net, available for your "followers" to see.  The above photo is something I "pinned" a few years ago and a desk idea I'm revisiting for an office with a lot of room but a tight budget.  While Pinterest isn't a place to look at Kim Kardashians latest butt selfie or discover what Michael Strahan had for breakfast, it is a fun, informative site to gain inspiration for anything from what to cook tonight to how to make an inexpensive, hip, easy-to-build desk.  Humm, kinda sounds like a blog I've been writing for the last seven years!
If you need a little more space than your tablet to spread out your work, but can't afford an expensive desk, why not tackle a little DIY this weekend?  The desk above was built in less than an hour for under $25!  How?
1.) I took two bookshelves I was contemplating either tossing in the garbage or burning in a summer bbq and gave them new life by painting in a high-gloss paint. **if you aren't married to a particular color, check out the "discarded paint" aisles at both the Home Depot and Lowes.  These are drastically reduced gallons of paint people have had specially mixed but never purchased.  Instead of paying as much as $50/gallon you can walk away with these pre-mixed colors for as little as $5! #paintdeals
2.) I bought an unpainted, flat standard door at the Home Depot for $10, sanded it and painted it a lighter tone.
3.) By placing the bookshelves facing OUT I created clean, organized spaces for files, office supplies, etc.  Attach with small screws so door doesn't slip around then tweak #paulsgreatideas