Thursday, November 6, 2014


Call me crazy (and many do), but I'm always looking for new ways of organizing my "stuff," especially when it comes to the mounds upon mounds of holiday "stuff" I have accumulated over the years.  I say "stuff" because my hubby has a few other choice words for all of it.  What can I say, I love an after holiday sale (as I've blogged about here many times), so try to grab as many deals as possible.  Last year when it came time for me to wrap gifts, someone else in our home had started the project a few days before me.  What does that mean, exactly?  Well, my once organized wrapping closet looked like the Tasmanian Devil had gone to town…and back…in there, I couldn't find my scissors or tape anywhere and my after holiday finds had turned into a giant, messy disaster.  To keep things organized AND IN ONE PLACE this year I decided to take things into my own hands (once again) and create a wrap station in a location where most of us do our wrapping…on the floor.  Using a 47"x24" counter top I bought at Ikea for $20 and never used (the Vika Aman Table Top), I attached a few casters to the bottom so it can easily roll out from under our guest bed, put a few eye screws with picture hanging wire to secure the paper to the counter and secured all necessary items to the counter top (tape dispenser was glued to table top and ribbon was attached with same eye screws and wire I used for wrapping paper.  When it comes time for me to wrap I'll no longer feel like a Grinch!