Thursday, November 20, 2014


I'm sorry, but sometimes I just can't contain my excitement, as much as I try, so I let my creative juices  explode.  Some people were upset when retailers started flirting with Christmas in September,  but I wasn't.  I wanted more.  Show me a shiny mercury ball, and I'll take it!  Wrap me in ribbon, tie me up in a bow and dangle fresh holly above my face, I just never want to leave this place!  I love, love, L.O.V.E. the holidays, so today I've put up my first two trees….and, yeah, they'll be more, puhhlease!  I've shared a few of my tricks and treats in the past, so I'll refresh your memories so this year will be a blast!
Last year Joe said our tree looked like something better suited for a department store or mall.  I said, YIPEEE I achieved my goal! I LOVE a packed tree, and I spend hours having fun decorating them.  The main tree we put in our living room is one I love guests to take their time getting to know.  Yes, that sounds a tad nutty, but I've always said a Christmas tree is like a home, it should tell a story about the people living in it (or who decorated it).  The main tree in our living room has ornaments from anyone who's ever given them to us.  Here's how I make it look amazing (in my opinion):
1.) TURN THE LIGHTS OUT: To gauge where my weak spots are (the gaping holes in all of our trees), I turn the lights out on the tree and wait for the dramatic finish at the end.
2.) I FAKE IT: Hands down, artificial trees are the best way to go, in this designers opinion.  Why? The lights are PRE STRUNG! And the branches are strong enough to hold heavy ornaments.  I start off by putting bright, sparkly balls on the inside of the branches, and work my way out..creating depth.
3.) IF IT DOESN'T SMELL GOOD, LIGHT A CANDLE…Some people love Christmas tree scented candles, I however HATE THEM and think they smell like Santa's Whore House.  Instead, I buy fresh garland at Home Depot and put it everywhere for that scent of real tree.  It works, believe me!