Monday, November 17, 2014


I wasn't ever the kid who colored within the lines, which is probably why I have so much fun doing what I do today as a designer.  Every project I walk into, and every new client I meet is an opportunity to put my special print on their home.  Whether a 10,000 square foot farmhouse or a 700 square foot Manhattan studio apartment, I aim to make the spaces I design feel comfortable, cozy and unique.  Believe it or not, the higher the budget the higher the stress is for me (because often the clients are, how shall I put this, less than lovely) while squeezing as much creative juice out of a tight budget is not only challenging, but incredibly fulfilling.  I love to scour antique stores and consignment shops for pieces I can re-purpose (I recently turned an old suitcase into a bar, used several old frames of various sizes as art on a wall (after removing the canvases), I've made old wooden chairs into side tables by removing the backs, I've used old dresses as pillow covers…you get where I'm going here.  But I also love finding older, "vintage" items and bringing them back to life, like this projector I found several years ago in a Southern California junk shop for $15 (while you can buy new today on Amazon for as low as $35, this is the real McCoy).  In a small room with a tight budget, I brought in my old pal to create a big impact.  By tracing flowers in a vase, I created one of a kind art and made the clients feel like a million bucks.
Projectors can bring all kinds of things to life on your wall.  All you need is, well, a projector, an object you find interesting, a pencil and a steady hand.  I've also often used school house projectors (the kind our teachers used to project lesson plans onto the wall) and traced more literal drawings, but tracing objects is not only fun, but incredibly beautiful.  To make them larger, move the projector back…great way to make a unique headboard.  Trace item with pencil, then carefully paint within..or OUTSIDE the lines to create your masterpiece.