Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Sometimes I fantasize about owning a bookstore/coffee shop/bar when I retire and naming it "The Painted Floor" and then my phone rings, or a text buzzes me back to reality and the thought rolls on like a wave of fog jogging over the Pacific Coast.  I love painted floors.  A friend of ours who worked for Martha Stewart years ago, created some of the most beautiful painted floors I've ever seen, proving over and over the transformative power of PAINT.  In the last several weeks I've received several inquiries from readers asking what to do (economically) to drab floors.  I say, PAINT THEM!  Now, don't misunderstand me and go willy nilly Koo Koo on your floors with a brush on a whim, to get the right look, you must PREP.  Clean your floors, use porch and patio paint, keep curious paws away for at least a day after and THINK about what you want.  The two examples above showcase smaller rooms where painting exaggerated shapes helped make the rooms look larger (wider stripes on the top, larger geometric squares on the bottom).  Painted floors transform styles…in older homes on a landing, for example, where less expensive woods were often used, is a perfect opportunity to create something unique by painting stripes, solid vibrant colors, etc.  In a more modern setting, painting high-gloss white, red, black, or grey sets the tone for a simple, sleek space.  You don't need to break the bank to get the most bang for your buck, sometimes you just need to peek into a can and see the potential.